The baseball story is a home run

I would like to start this blog post out by saying that I think the entire class did a really nice job on this assignment. I was really impressed with all of the photos.

For this homework assignment I chose to review the baseball story because 1) I think it was well done and 2) I enjoy attractive, athletic boys (sorry, it needed to be said).

First off, I thought the idea for this story was really good. The question of “why would you choose college over professional baseball?” is something that I would like to know the answer to.

As far as photos go, I think they came out really nice. I really like the profile shots of the players. In the first one, of Johnny Caputo, there is a really good shallow depth of field. The background is blurred, but you can still tell where he is and I like where he was placed for the photo.


I like what they did with the photo of the baseball field. I think for this assignment it was important to capture a photo of the field, however they faced the obstacle of all of the snow. The caption that they used really made it work though. It was a good set up for their topic to compare the snow covered field to the fact that the professional baseball players are in warm and sunny Florida preparing for their season because their project focused on why the players would choose college baseball over professional.



I suspect that it was an obstacle to have to shoot through the nets during the teams indoor practice and I think  despite that the photos came out well, so good job with that.


Also, I like the variety of shots. A photo that I really liked is the photo at the top of the post with the shoes and the baseball that is in focus. I think that was a good photo to put there.


I also like that there are a variety of photos. They have action shots, the individual photos of the players, which look natural and not posed and even the coach during practice.

Another thing I like is the photo captions. A photo caption should be something that adds to the story and these captions did. I like the way they used to quotes of the players and their back stories in the captions rather than just in the blog post.

The only critique that I have is that they could have also gotten some shots of the players in a college setting. For example, if they got shots of them still in their practice clothes, but somewhere else on campus interacting with their friends or even studying. This is not something that would make or break their project, but it was just I thought I had when I was reading through it and I feel like I needed to throw a critique in there somewhere.

The last picture of the two players Zamora and MacEachern is a nice photo that captures a moment of the two kind of goofing around, that is what I assume they are doing anyway. I like that because it demonstrates that they are young and although they are passionate about baseball and hope to go somewhere with it one day, they needed that fun, college experience.


I also want to note that I give Cam and Andrew credit because I know that it is difficult to get access to shoot sports teams in this way and they pulled it off.

So, good job guys.



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