A delicious photostory

Who doesn’t love food? Most of the time, campus food doesn’t cut it. Some students at Stony Brook don’t know what’s outside campus besides Domino’s and 7/11 and some don’t have the time to research what’s a short drive away from campus. Nicole Falletta and Krysten Massa found the solution.

By going out and about around Stony Brook village, Falletta and Massa creatively logged and photographed the best, and cheapest, places to eat off campus in their blog post, “Fun and cheap eats around Stony Brook.” In their post, the girls put together a list that puts restaurants like Crazy Beans and Robinson’s Tea Room on the map for Stony Brook students.

Falletta and Massa did not merely describe their experience at these places. They included high-quality photos to go along with it. They got some great shots that really gave a good perspective on the restaurants. What really made these photos stand out from the rest was the angles. Falletta and Massa took photos of people, food and trinkets around the places at different angles. This helped to change up the pace of the story and give the reader a full outline of the meal.

They also made the tedious task of finding a place to eat easy by listing the prices of the food items and a short description of the meal. However, seeing more dishes the restaurants had to offer would give this story even more color. Obviously ordering every item on the menu is not cost effective, but maybe if other folks around the dining area would allow photos of their meals before the eat them.

The mix of personal profiles, like Chef Jimmy and the ladies at the tea room, make this a story not just about food, but the people who eat it. It’s always nice to see what others think about the food and get all angles.

Overall, the girls did a great job capturing the food culture right at our doorstep. Hopefully, this drives more students to think about where they can have a fun, but cheap, night out amidst all the midterm stress.

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