Stony Brook Food Critic

The Fun and Cheap Eats blog at Stony Brook was done very nicely by Kryssy and Nicole, but I would have a couple of suggestions about it.

First off, I think the intro was a little short. I think, instead of teasing the normal places and getting away from them, they could have mentioned them in the open and described them a little bit. Describe what the Curry Club is like, what Crazy Beans is like… I think it would have gotten the people interested.

Also, I think there were probably too many words. I like the idea of trying to insert facts into the story, but at the same time, I don’t like the fact that the words are getting in the way of the pictures. The main attraction of this is supposed to be the pictures, but the words are getting in the way.

One idea to change this would be to introduce each place, and after the subheading, insert the fun facts and other things that they want to talk about before the photos. Then, you can insert the rest of the wide shot photos and let them tell the rest of the story.

One other thing I did not like about the photos was that there are some that are vertical. It kind of breaks it up, and I think this whole thing is supposed to flow. But there is only a couple of those so that is nice.

What I did like was the framing of a lot of the shots. They made ordinary food look very artistic and it makes it look even more appetizing than normal.

Another thing I like is the variety of the shots that they created. I really like the people behind the food is critical. Everybody sees the food and would be attracted to that, but at the same time, I think that showing the faces makes it a little more appealing, especially smiling faces.

Overall, I think it was very nice that they got a variety of shots from the nice food shots to the people behind it. And I’m sure the girls had a lot of fun eating the food as well!

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