A picture is worth a thousand cravings

Thanks to Kryssy Massa’s and Nicole Falletta’s report on various eateries around town, from international tastes to domestic dishes, options of where to eat have expanded. They made a good point in their lede; “If you feel like you are getting sick of campus food, or the usual Panera Bread and McDonald’s,” I personally do get sick of the mundane food options around campus and those within walking distance. I am a man who likes to try new delicacies, but on a wallet-friendly budget.


Their photos captured the textures and physical appearances of the food, almost like what food corporations do. The only difference is, the food corporations don’t give you what is advertised in the picture. The places documented by Kryssy and Nicole, one can actually see what is served, details of the food and how it’s crafted: The glistening burger bun, the viscosity of the mango lassi and the condensation on the jar of one of the lattes. Each detail denotes each food’s properties. It is details like these that capture a food-goer’s attention and craving for food.


It was great seeing the many faces, either employees or patrons, as it captivated the enthusiasm these people had. It suggested the various ambiances are inviting and jubilant- unless they only smiled for the photos and actually hate their jobs and the restaurants, but I doubt the latter. Even better I thought was that they included websites to a few of the restaurants with access to a menu of items (now I can plan on a future breakfast or lunch at one of these places).


A few things I would have suggested: First, maybe a little history blurb of each place such as how the restaurants started and its experiences over time. Second, some kind of mention of how to reach these places via public transportation for the few whom, unfortunately, do not commute around the area by car (though I do now how to get to these places using Suffolk County Transit: S76 to Stony Brook Village and Port Jefferson via Route 25A. The downside is this bus can only be caught on the opposite side of the Stony Brook railroad station. S60 to Port Jefferson from the Union to The Curry Club).

Overall, it is a great piece. Now, time to plan that next meal.

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