Taandava Performance Review

This past Saturday was the Jana Seva show, a classical Indian dance that was performed by the SBU Taandava Club. It was said the show was a hit, but what exactly was the process the club had to go through before the performance?

Reporters Diana Lopez and Stephen Infantolino went and got some answers, and executed the task phenomenally.

Throughout their story, everything was explained in full detail, which is important since there were plenty of terms not everyone would know right away, such as why each performer wears certain accessories or why they draw specific details on their bodies. As well as some facts about India.

The pictures were beautiful and attractive to the eye. Crisp, clear and colorful, they were amazing and the first thing that stuck out to me, which is a good tactic to pull in a reader instantly.

Different angles and close ups gave the reader a good idea of what the performers wear, and what they go through to prepare. Also the photo captions gave full detail as to what was going on within each picture.

The store has an easy flow, so a reader would not get lost or confused throughout the story.

The only change I would suggest is to have added pictures of the dancers during the performance, some moving, in action shots. Possibly a couple pictures of the audience and their reactions to the performance.

Other than those additions, I think the story was overall really good. Hopefully, from Lopez’s and Infantolino’s reporting, it will attract more attendees to future shows.


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