Uncovering the covered

Reporters Kayla Shults and Abby Del Vechio embarked on an adventure to find out how Stony Brook University’s students are covering from the extreme weather this semester.

From worn out boots to really loud hats, Shults and Del Vechio did a great interviewing job.  Approaching a diverse group of students, they were able to obtain some interesting quotes.


“The sociology major credits her fashion skills to America’s Next Top Model and its host, Tyra Banks. “Everything I know about modelling I learned from Tyra,” said Reinertsen.” Photo Credit: Kayla Shults and Abby Del Vechio.

Also, the story is very timely since it is no secret we have been struggling with harsh temperatures since day one of the semester. We get to see some close-ups…


…and some wider shots in there too, which is nice.


Overall, I liked the story idea and the fact that it reflects a reality that has been haunting students for the past 3 months. I however, would’ve enjoyed bigger pictures.

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