“Black in America” Tour turns to Stony Brook

When asked about the importance of Black History Month, former NBA player Etan Thomas responded with “Every month should be Black History Month.” He was one of four people on Soledad O’Brien’s panel when she brought her “Black in America” tour to Stony Brook University on Monday night.

O’Brien, Morgan, Paulino, and Thomas sit on the Staller Center stage during the Q&A session of the speech.
O’Brien, Morgan, Paulino, and Thomas sit on the Staller Center stage during the Q&A session of the speech.

Thomas was joined by Luis Paulino, a victim of police brutality that was caught on film by a nearby cab driver, and New York University professor of African-American studies Joan Morgan in O’Brien’s talk about how the reality of African-Americans in the United States is rough for them to earn a living.

During her speech, she presented clips of the 2015 version of the documentary she will be presenting later this season, along with staggering numbers that people do not take into account.

She also spoe about the fight of New York City teenager Keeshan Harley, who’d been stopped and frisked over 100 times during the time the “stop-and-frisk” law was in effect.

img_1148Also during the speech, there were numerous statistics that were presented to people throughout the night. A couple of the more staggering numbers: 10.2% of blacks are unemployed, whites are unemployed at a rate of 4.6% are white.

Another important number was that the wealth gap is three times in favor of white Americans than blacks.

Many people were given a chance to voice their opinions in a question and answer session at the speech, and some said that they have afterwards. Gary Martin, 55, a professor at the Stony Brook School of Medicine, grew up during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s He feels like the situation is currently worse right now than it was during the time of Martin Luther King Jr.

“We’ve gone backwards,” Martin said after the speech.

At a press conference before the presentation, O’Brien said she “enjoys reporting on race.” One of the reasons was because she gets to ask those “uncomfortable questions” as she put them.

She particularly enjoyed coming back to Stony Brook, because she is a fellow Long Islander and her dad was a professor at Stony Brook.

NBA does an “All-Star” job covering NYC/BKN 2015

Over this past weekend, the NBA’s annual All-Star Weekend was held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Friday and Saturday night, and then switched to the World’s Most Famous Arena on Sunday for the game itself. Throughout the whole weekend, it was mobile journalism that stole the show and was what everybody kept checking to for updates on the weekend’s festivities.

Friday night was the annual Rising Stars Challenge, and the stars were out and so were the phones, as there were plenty of vines, tweets, and instagram photos sent from that event.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how basketball works, but this is how Team World got their groove on before the game. It must have worked because they won the matchup between them and Team USA 121-112. There was also a spotlight on the footwear, and the hashtag #AllStarKicks was trending all weekend, including this pair from Zach Lavine.

On Saturday night was the skills competition, highlighted by the swoosh of the three-point contest and the ferocious dunks of the dunk competition.

The three-point competition was highlighted by the “Splash Bros.” combination of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors, along with a bursting star in Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks. Curry ended up winning the event, moving onto the final round with these two players and then beating them out for the title.

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Coverage starts at 730PM/ET on TNT

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Another popular event on All-Star Saturday Night is the Sprite Slam Dunk competition, which was won by Minnesota’s Zach LaVine. He beat out Orlando’s Victor Oladipo in the two round competition with some dunks that were impossible to think about, let alone perform. The dunks were so popular, that the NBA twitter account made a vine of all four dunks in six seconds or less.

Once all the festivities were over, the game itself happened and the NBA published plenty of their pictures and videos during this time. This is the crowned jewel of the weekend, and the association brought out its big guns for the game. My favorite were the slow-mo videos on Instagram.

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@kingjames attacks the rim! #NBAAllStarNYC

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Overall, the NBA’s coverage of All-Star weekend was a slam dunk on social media.

Valentine’s Day Hockey

What better way to have a great day with your sweetheart than by cheering on a team you both love?

The jist:

That’s right, the Stony Brook Hockey team takes the ice on senior night, taking on the Lebanon Valley College Flying Dutchmen at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 14 at The Rinx in Happague, N.Y.

The Seawolves celebrate a victory earlier in the season (Photo Credit: The Statesman)

Stony Brook controlled the last two matchups with the Flying Dutchmen, no not this Flying Dutchman, in Hershey, Penn. Nov. 1-2. The Seawolves controlled the weekend series, winning the games 8-0 and 5-2, with dominant play coming from Ryan Cotcamp (3 goals/2 assists), Vinny Lopes (4 assists), and Nick Barbera (2 goals/3 assists).

Another reason to go see this team play is that this will be their last weekend at home at The Rinx, before heading off to the conference tournament in Piscataway, N.J. next weekend, and then to the National Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio after that.

Joseph (left) has scored two goals in the tournament in his second campaign with Team USA. Brewster (right) is on his first try wearing the red, white and blue (Photo credit: Stony Brook Hockey)

Still need convincing? Well two players on Stony Brook’s hockey team, Sam Brewster and Chris Joseph, has two players currently with Team USA at the World University Games in Granada, Spain. There is plenty of incredible talent on this team that is worth checking out before the season on Long Island ends this weekend.

Why this is worth reporting:

Stony Brook Hockey has a consistently great program, finishing in the top 10 of the rankings the past two seasons in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) and not a lot of people know about them. They are currently ranked No. 5 in the country. Yes it is a little bit of a drive from campus (10-15 minutes depending on how fast you drive or what part of the school you leave from), but it is still worth the trip. Since it does not normally get a lot of attention, it would be a great event to spotlight these guys for the publicity around our school that they deserve for being so good for so long.

Three sites for sports fans



The greatest strength of Fansided is its variety. There are a lot of writers who write in the network and anybody can write for them, after applying and getting approved. So that brings a lot of different types of writers who in turn bring a lot of variety to each particular site.

They play to the strength by being generally open to having quality writers on the staff. They allow anybody to apply, really, but there are requirements that have to be met when it comes to number of posts per month. Other than that, it’s pretty open which brings a good mosh pit of articles.

This blog reaches out to different people because each site is fixated on one particular team/area of the country. This brings a lot of fans to the sites because they only want to read about their team or their city. They don’t care about what is going on in Topeka, Kansas if they live in Buffalo, NY.



The greatest strength of the SB Nation blog is its quality. Since there are less writers on each staff, there is not as much variety but the content is generally better. Unlike Fansided, SB Nation goes more for quality than they do quantity.

You have to be recommended, which makes the quality of this content better. There is no open application like there is with Fansided, so that makes it a little more popular because the quality is generally better.

Same with Fansided, there are different sites for different teams on this network. That means fans of these teams can easily go to these sites for articles on their team only, and are tailored to their fans for more personalized coverage.



The greatest strength of Deadspin is its obscurity. People turn to it for its stories that are out there and that are not normally on a big sports site or even on teams’ blogs. Deadspin takes the funnier stories of the internet and puts them up, giving readers a distraction from the stress of their work day.

They acquire this blog by hiring a special type of journalist. These aren’t the journalists who have a nose for hard news. These writers are the ones who want to find the more fun side of journalism and use these articles to their advantage.

This blog has become a household name in a lot of people’s minds. You will hear people saying “Oh I saw it on deadspin” at the water cooler in the mornings. People love seeing the obscure or the funnier stories because it takes them away from the headaches that the work day can cause, which is how this blog (along with the “news site” The Onion) have gained popularity so quickly.