First Amendment through our youth’s eyes

Eric Garner, Baltimore, Ferguson… What do all these cases have in common?

I will tell you what, all these cases put into questioning our public’s knowledge of our first amendment rights and freedom.

The First Amendment of the United States was established in 1791 by the founding fathers to give the people of this nation tools to protect themselves. However, it has been over two centuries since we adopted it, and with the recent controversies, we tend to question our rights and freedoms.

I embarked on an experiment to find out what are the thoughts of Stony Brook University students on the First Amendment of the United States today? in this way I was looking to find a possibly root to our increasing social problems.

During an experiment, I interviewed a diverse group of students around campus to find out what they know or not about the most important amendment on  the Bill of Rights, and whether they care about this or not.

The results of my research clearly reflect why our nation stands where it does today.

Special thanks to Stony Brook students participating in the experiment:

Alan Hong

Yunjiao Dong

Douth Pijush

Boreum Lee

Elizabeth Eunsong

Sound Credits:

Opening/ending song: Jimi Hendrix – The Star Spangled Banner

First Amendment: Keith Hughes – First Amendment for Dummies – The Basics of the 1st Amendment Explained

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