SPJ Region Conference informs and entertains

This year, I was able to attend the first day of the Society of Professional Journalists Region 1 Conference. This opportunity allowed me to sit in on panels where industry experts shared their insight into what it takes to succeed in journalism from a variety of different angles.

Though my time at the convention was limited, I was able to sit in on panels like “Specialty Reporting,” which addressed those who prefer to specialize in what type of reporting they like to do and a lot of advice was thrown around, both from the professionals on the pulpit and from those who happened to be in the audience. This panel was very informative and inspiring. It gave me something of a good idea of how newsroom relationships between editors and reporters on a particular beat like science, technology or sports, is managed.

I also attended “Art Criticism in the Social Media Age,” which saw Newsday’s Rafer Guzman, amNewYork’s Scott Rosenberg and Sarah Montague, and veteran critic Peter Goodman talking about how the times have changed since their beginnings as culture reporters and critics. This panel, unfortunately was something of a waste. I discussed it with journalism students from other schools after leaving the talk, and we came to the consensus that those chosen to speak were unfortunately out of touch with the amount of effort that is now required to keep up a prominent social media presence. Though their personal anecdotes were actually pretty great, I didn’t take much away from this panel.

On the first day of the conference, we were given a tour of Hofstra’s radio station, WRHU, 88.7 FM, which is an impressive facility and makes it seem like radio might have a future.


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