Social media and me

It’s safe to say that for a majority of the world social media isn’t something that’s fairly new. Most people have used Facebook, instagram and even twitter before, I however have not, this experience was new to me this semester.

For the longest time, I chose to avoid social media for a multitude of reasons. I have a Facebook, but other then uploading a photo once every millennium I never post anything or even remember the password to my account. I don’t scroll through peoples wall, or look at the newest click bait, its just never appealed to me. The only social media platform I’ve ever considered was twitter.

I made my account early this semester, and not by choice. I slowly began to build my profile, tweeting stories I have written for both class and for WUSB. Along with re-tweeting and following fellow reporters both in class and out.

I then decided to do a little more, posting info and just oddities I saw around campus. I still haven’t done very much with twitter and social media, but for me going from nothing to this point is a lot.

Right now I only have 23 followers, and I am following 86 people. I know that most of my followers are just classmates, but a few of them are actually a result of me tweeting things out.

What’s worked with social media for me is all the extra publicity I’m getting for my work and stories. I’m getting more eyes and clicks on my stories because of social media. What hasn’t worked is actually getting followers. I don’t understand why I can’t attract more people then I am. I’m guessing I have to post more interesting work, but its all a guess for me.

Overall, social media has been a huge experience for me. Its helping me get more viewers even though I feel like I could get more.


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