Getting social on social media

Photo Credit Flickr/Matt Hamm

I have been an avid user of social media since middle school or early high school. I created my Facebook account to post pictures with friends, and my first Twitter account to stay updated on my favorite celebrities.

14-year-old Kayla was unaware that social media could be used to get a point across or be used as a news source, (as seen by the numerous selfies on my Facebook account).

When I created a Twitter account to use for journalistic purposes, I had only a few followers, mostly classmates that had created accounts for the same purposes. The first time I used this account was August of 2013 in my News Literacy course. We tweeted news stories that we found interesting and by the end of the semester we were tweeting about newsworthy events we saw on campus and in our communities.

Fast forward to April 2015, my twitter account has nearly 60 followers and I regularly tweet stories I see along with projects and stories I have completed myself.

My current Twitter account has nearly 60 followers, and the number of times I have tweeted has increased as well.
My current Twitter account has nearly 60 followers, and the number of times I have tweeted has increased as well.

Besides that, I have interacted with other users and in turn, gotten more views on stories and publicity that probably would not have happened if it weren’t for social media.

I also use Twitter to live tweet award shows; events on campus and the weekly radio show that I have a weekly segment on.

The WUSB News at Noon twitter also uses their account to publicize their show, giving their followers a link to my account.

I did find it was important, however not to over share on social media. I don’s want all of my tweets to be links to my stories, so I often try to break it up with live tweeting or sharing other people’s stories.

Some may see social media as being a negative to the news industry, but if it is used in the right way, it can bring exposure to both a reporter and their work.



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