Creating a presence on social media

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This semester I created a twitter account with the sole purpose of tweeting newsy things, such as stories I have written, my friends have written, or stories I have read from news organizations that I have found interesting.  As of right now, I do not have many followers — I only have 50 — but considering I do not tweet very much, I do not think that is an awful follower count.

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I plan to increase my followers by tweeting more often, with hashtags, so more people can see what I am posting.  I do need to work on sharing my work.  I tend to only share the work I am happy with or proud of, but I really should share everything.  Even if I am not happy with the way something turned out doesn’t mean other people won’t enjoy it.  After all, we are our own biggest critic.

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I do not use Instagram for journalistic purposes, and unless I am posting a picture of myself at the anchor desk for Newsbreak, my Instagram is used for entertainment purposes only.  I also do not use Facebook that much. The only time I do, it is to post articles I have written.

Overall, I hope to expand my use of social media for journalistic purposes and gain followers in the process.  I hope to do so through my use of hashtags and upping my content.


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