More posting leads to more exposure

At the beginning of the semester, I followed whoever I followed and tweeted whatever I tweeted. There was no rhyme or reason to the social media madness.

A few months later, it is safe to say that whoever logs onto my Twitter account today will know exactly its purpose is: bringing my followers everything they need to know not just in the general world of sports, but tennis.

Something that has helped to spread my social media presence is both replying to tweets, sending messages to others and quote tweeting.

When news broke that a tennis player named Wayne Odesnik had been suspended for an extended amount of time, I knew from his history that one person would be very happy, and that is Andy Roddick. Roddick is not afraid of controversy whatsoever, as the outspoken American has shown throughout his playing and now broadcasting career.

So, I sent him a message, figuring he would be interested in the news of this suspension.

I guess that reaching out to people on the platform has worked out. The reply Roddick sent me nearly a month ago still has my phone buzzing to this day, as it has gotten hundreds of likes and retweets. Every time somebody saw that, they saw my twitter name, which is only a good thing.

It did not hurt that various publications wrote about the exchange as well.’s Matt Cronin discussed Roddick’s reaction here, where not only did my Twitter handle get published, but my name and face as well.

From that, I would estimate I received give-or-take another 40 followers after about 200 more followed me only to unfollow me when I did not return the favor.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.17.20 PM

Something that I have noticed is that on my end, it is best to keep who I am following in categories. A major part of my freelancing career revolves around tennis, so I follow and have added more tennis writers and players with personality. It has enabled me to better keep track of the game, and even given me ledes on articles I have worked on.

So as I have all semester long, I will continue to tweet, tweet and tweet some more to continue to build a reputation in the tennis community.


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