Freedom isn’t free for resident assistants

Have you ever felt the need to stop somebody from smoking too close to a building? Or seen someone smoking weed and called to report it? What if one of your hall mates is being loud, do you write them up?

If you have had to any of these things, then you are probably a resident assistant, or RA. You also then know that this does not even begin to cover the list of duties and responsibilities expected of students on the job.

Being a resident assistants comes with many perks. For Stony Brook University RA’s, students receive extra money to the university bookstore and free housing in the building they are staff for. A lot of students sign up to get these perks, but then realize how much more work is being asked of them.

Brianna Cahill is a sophomore resident assistnat at Stony Brook University, and having done the job for a year, is an expert on the ins and outs of what it takes to effectively be an RA. Something that is a lot harder than the University gives on.


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