Why I like the Serial podcast

When the serial podcast came out in 2014 I heard a lot of buzz about it. I never actually took the time to listen to it, however after listening to the first episode in class I could see how people would be hooked on it.

So naturally for this assignment I chose to listen to serial. What I like about it is that it has many aspects that keep the listeners attention. The first thing I notices that I really liked about this podcast is the theme song. Every great T.V. show or radio show needs a catchy theme song. This one is great because it is simple, yet eerie.

The second thing that I noticed that I like about this podcast is the sound of Sarah Koenig’s voice. She has a perfect voice for radio, it is very clear and crisp.

I like the way that the script is kind of casual, it’s almost like your friend is talking to you and telling you the story. However, it is not too casual to the point where it is not informative.

I like use of sound and sound bites in the podcast. The episodes have clips from interviews with the victims friends. In the second episode she is reading from Hae Min Lee, the victim’s, diary. While she is reading this there is nice background music playing. In the diary entry she is talking about the prom and the music coincides with that.

As a whole this podcast captures my attention with its suspenseful story and good use of music as well as Koenigs transparency. She does not read her script like she is trying to peg the murder on somebody. She allows the facts to speak.


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