Serial Podcast tackles audio Journalism

Audio reporting is not something new. The mediums through which it happens, however have changed .

Since the 1930’s, people have gathered around radios to listen to stories, newscasts and entertainment shows. As much as technology has improved in the last century, there is now popularity in getting news in an old-fashioned way.

Serial is a weekly podcast that explores the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and if her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who is currently serving a life sentence for her murder, is truly guilty of the crime.

Journalist Sarah Koenig hosts the show and through interviews, old audio clips and her own investigation seeks to discover how Lee was killed.

Koenig is thorough with her reporting and seems to tell listeners everything she has learned about the case. She includes interviews conducted by police during their investigation, notes that she received and stories she discovered by speaking to those who were involved.

Although I am only five episodes into the podcast, I would like to hear more from the cops and Hae Min Lee’s family to hear their side of the story as well how they came to the conclusion that Syed was guilty.

Koenig is a great story teller. She keeps listeners interested and has a chronological order to the way she tells the story, which is crucial with such a complicated case. I like how she includes her own personality and thoughts throughout the episodes. It adds a personal touch without taking away from the facts of the story.

Her script also keeps the story in order and prevents rambling, which may defer or confuse listeners.

Good audio is crucial to a podcast, and even the old interviews that Koenig uses are good quality. In phone and in-person interviews I can tell that the reporter gets close to her subject in order to prevent background noise and get their stories as well as she can.

Serial is a great concept that is informing people who may not read the New York Times or watch CNN everyday. It takes an old medium and introduces it to an entirely new generation of people.


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