Podcast Listening

After listening to Invisibilia and New Tech City, I’ve realized that these podcasts both share some similarities.

In both podcasts they take a play on natural sound. For example, on Invisibilia, Alix and Lulu talked about a man who was blind and how when he was younger he would make this clicking sound in school so he would know where he was. At the same time they played the clicking sound underneath the track to give the viewers an understanding of what this sound was.

Photograph by: Daniel Horowitz for NPR
Photograph by: Daniel Horowitz for NPR

While on New Tech City they had a story about braille becoming obsolete, and within the beginning of the story you heard the natural sound of people talking amongst themselves at a school for the blind.

Another similarity the two had was their play on music. Depending on the theme of the story, whether it being sad or enlightening, is what type of background music they would have playing. In both stories it would start off with a more lower tone as people would talk about the hard times they had being blind. Then ending with a more upbeat tone towards the end, because the story would have a happy turn around.

Photo courtesy of The Texas School for the Blind.
Photo courtesy of The Texas School for the Blind.

Something that New Tech City did with their story that I liked was that they interacted with their listeners. The story discussed about how smart phones have a settings feature for the blind. So they asked for those with smartphones to take out their phones and go to the settings menu to see this feature if they haven’t before.

There wasn’t much that I did not like. I think the only thing I would’ve preferred was for them not to cut back and forth so much. At one point it was a bit confusing as to who was speaking. Other than that I enjoyed the style the podcasts used.


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