Why am I here?

I often ask myself why I decided to do journalism when I have no interest in being a reporter. I keep going back to one simple fact: I love to write.

I’ve been writing stories (properly) since I was about 12 years old, but I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember. Obviously, before I came here, the stories I told were fiction, but I still loved telling and writing stories.

In my AP English class in high school, we learned about satire and criticism. Here’s where I feel in love. I wanted to write critiques of things and tell satirical stories based on certain real-life issues. When it was time to fill out college applications, my English teacher told me I belonged in Manhattan and I should major in journalism. I took her advice.

My first college was Hunter College in the city. I absolutely loved living in the big apple, but Hunter was not the place for me. They got rid of their journalism major right as I was entering college, so after one semester, I left. I chose Stony Brook because both my mom and aunt are alumnus and I wanted to be close to home.

So here I am.

I didn’t want to just be an art major. There’s no jobs in fine arts anymore. I needed something to fall back on incase my art career didn’t take off, and it didn’t. I dropped my art second major sophomore year and switched to sociology. But, I always stuck with journalism.

I think I stuck with journalism for so long because I didn’t want to be a simple English major, a major that can be so broad. I wanted to specialize. And even though I’m still wondering why I’m here, I realize that in order to be a satirist or opinion writer, I need to know the news industry. I need to know the real issues and how reporters cover them before I can say anything.


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