My journey here….

Journalism isn’t an easy major to say the last. I’ve had to put in long hours and, countless sleepless nights in order to produce some of the packages and stories I’ve made here with the Journalism School. My friends and family have asked me one simple question and that’s why? Well it’s a long story.

It all started back in high school. When I was a junior at Hauppauge High School, I was informed that I needed to take an elective in order to satisfy credit requirements in order to graduate. Friends of mine was telling me about this video production class, were you could literally do nothing and get an A. Despite my friends being absolutely wrong, it was a fun experience and got my first taste for video production.

From there the following year, I was able to squeeze every video production class Hauppauge High School had to offer onto my schedule, even though I didn’t need any of them to graduate. One of these classes was a News class, was as a group we produced a news package and aired it on live television. What was a neat little addition was that Hauppauge was able to acquire the old SNL news set. It was then that I got my first taste for broadcast news, as well as broadcast television. I became hooked.

Leaving Hauppauge my taste for broadcast news grew and evolved to different kinds of media. I enrolled in a 2-year college institution called Dean College. There I was forcibly enrolled in an internship with WGAO-FM Franklin, were I worked part-time as a disc jockey. It was at that point I feel in love with Radio. My manager at the time Vic Michaels, said he sawn some “Stern Potential” in me and decided to promote me to a Station Manager.

My position allowed me partial control over the station, and my Job had me training new station employees as well as making sure everyone is in compliance with FCC code. While working there I only had two instances were someone didn’t comply with FCC protocol, but I wont go into that now. Working at this station also had me interacting with Radio News, which helped fuel the passion or news.

While at Dean College, I took countless news history classes, as well as technical classes like broadcast production, script writing and film production. At this point in my life I was very into video production, as well as broadcast production. Upon leaving Dean College I was awarded a one of a kind Trustees Prize, for my work in the radio station as well, as working behind the scenes in the equipment room.

My Trustees Prize I received from Dean College in 2013. I don't remember why I blacked out the past part of my name. Photo Credit: Stephen Infantolino (2013)
My Trustees Prize I received from Dean College in 2013. I don’t remember why I blacked out the past part of my name. Photo Credit: Stephen Infantolino (2013)

Once I left I decided I wanted to get a better grounding with writing and newsprint, so I applied and was soon enrolled in the Stony Brook University School of Journalism. After two semesters I decided I wanted to keep on the track I originally set out for myself, and that was broadcasting, so that’s why I decided to follow the broadcasting track here at the J-School.

So that puts me here were I am now, writing a blog post for JRN-320. Overall, my reason for wanting journalism is from an old passion I picked up all the way back in high school. Or is it? Maybe it’s a deep passion I’ve truly had this whole time. As a kid I never truly liked being lied to, I was always one to seek out the truth, and I remember always telling my friends the truth when people were being untrustworthy. So it’s probably a mix of both, to be honest. I couldn’t honestly tell you the reason, all I know is the steps I took to get here, the work I’ve done to get here and the passion for broadcast news I currently have. It’s not a glamorous story, but that’s how I got the passion for broadcast news, it started in high school, and went all the way to college, and will truly extend far into my future. I’m hooked on the truth, exposing the lies, and generally informing the public through that magical box you see in your living rooms.


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