Winterfest is a Go

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with Madison Marcus and Emily Benson’s assignment 2, the statement is even more clear and prevalent. Within the limitations of the assignment, having very few photos to actually tell the story of a daylong event like Winterfest, Madison and Emily succeeded in their goal of telling their readers the most important things they had missed at Winterfest.

Starting with the headline, the two did an excellent job picking it out. Its short, sweet, and truly conveys the ideas of Winterfest as a whole, which is to help students stay relaxed and stress free during the hectic semester.

Next they broke down Winterfest into nine categories of things you possibly missed. Them being, Food, Ice Skating, Music, Games, Prizes, Photobooth, Crafts, Massages, and Fun! I like how they went in descending order starting at nine and slowly building up to number one, which is FUN! Which was the main point of the event in the first place, the photos that also accompanied each section were well composed.

Also aside from the photostory itself, I loved how Madison used twitter and social media, to post tweets about what she was doing at the event. It really brought the event together as it was happening, and I feel it adds to the story as a whole. Love the hashtag Madison!

Overall, Madison and Emily did an excellent job reporting from Winterfest, they did a good job of informing the readers as to what they had actually missed. It was so well done that I was kind of upset that I couldn’t of gone myself, that’s how immersed they got me into their photo story.


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