Photographing Studious Students

I really liked Jimin Kim and Janelle Clausen’s idea for assignment two, which was photographing students around campus studying for midterms.  I thought it was very timely, since both last week and this week, students are getting ready for their midterms.

I thought the photographs were really good, as well.  They didn’t looked posed and the photos really showed students working hard.  My favorite picture is the photo of the three students using the touch-screen to quiz each other.  I like how Jimin stood in front of them so you couldn’t see the board, you just saw the students reactions.  Jimin also got a photo of standing behind the students, so you can see the board as well as the girl’s face.  I like that he got both angles of the same situation.  I would have moved to the left just a little bit, to get not only the board and Rebecca Geller, but also Jimmy Shak’s face as well.

Photo by Jimin Kim
Photo by Jimin Kim
Photo by Jimin Kim
Photo by Jimin Kim






I also thought Janelle’s photos in the Union’s lounge came out really good.  The lighting in that room is dim so photographing can be difficult, but Janelle made it work and it helped show the atmosphere of the area.

Photo by Janelle Clausen
Photo by Janelle Clausen

Another thing I liked about Jimin and Janelle’s photo story was that they didn’t just take pictures of people studying.  There is one photo, that I really like, is just a hand holding a pen over some papers.  I thought that alone said a lot, and having the girl’s full body wasn’t necessary for this picture.

Photo by Jimin Kim
Photo by Jimin Kim

Overall, I thought Jimin and Janelle did a really good job telling a story of students studying for midterms through photos.  I liked the different angles and techniques they used, which helped to make the story more interesting.


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