A second look at Winterfest

Whether it’s putting pen to paper or snapping photos, a journalist has to report on an event. In that sense, Maddy Marcus and Emily Benson did an exception job covering Stony Brook University’s Winterfest on Feb. 28. Benson and Marcus used photos to create a visual breakdown of each part of the event and traditional reporting to talk about what went on during the event.

Photo Credit: Maddy Marcus
Photo Credit: Maddy Marcus

Marcus and Benson break down the elements of Winterfest into nine highlights. The duo accompanied each highlight with one to two brief paragraphs on how the highlight was featured at Winterfest. Benson and Marcus provided different photos for each highlight, including the low environmental shot of the ice rink under the “Ice Skating” highlight or the depth of field shots used in the “Prizes” highlight. Some of the shots had a bit too much exposure from the light in the background, like the shots used in the “Massages” highlights. Other than that, the photos used in the blog effectively showed what went on at Winterfest.

Photo Credit: Maddy Marcus
Photo Credit: Maddy Marcus

Writing-wise, Marcus and Benson do a solid job of reporting on what happened at Winterfest. The duo broke down certain parts of Winterfest that they thought would be interesting or appealing to note. Their descriptions are short and to the point, describing how the highlight they chose was represented at Winterfest. The duo also writes in an engaging way, adding some humor into their writing. They correctly acknowledge how much students value free food in the “Food” highlight (“Two of the greatest words every college students can hear”). However, the blog could have used one more edit as the grammar needs to be improved. For example, in the “Prizes” highlight, the “even” that starts the second sentence in the second paragraph needs to be capitalized, the “9” under the “Massages” highlight needs to be spelled out and the quote used under the “Ice Skating” highlight needs to be reworded because it’s too long and awkward.

All in all, Marcus and Benson provided informative photos and engaging writing to report on Winterfest. If anyone missed out on the event and wanted a look at what they missed, this blog is a fine place to check out.


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