Stony Brook Foodies

College students often face a dilemma when it comes to eating. They want to have something tasty and new that will not break the bank.

The photo story, “Fun and cheap eats around Stony Brook” may be a solution to that issue. By traveling around Stony Brook University, Kryssy Massa and Nicole Falletta were able to discover discounts and deals available to students that they otherwise may not have known about.

The pair not only took photos of the food, but also made sure to photograph the eatery’s atmosphere. The atmosphere is a huge aspect of a restaurant and gives the reader an idea of where they are eating instead of just what they are eating.

Something good about this photo story is that the pair spoke to chefs and workers at each place they visited. This gave background and further information, which could be useful to the reader and students. Being able to place a face to a name, as Kryssy and Nicole did with Latitude 121 and The Curry Club could make someone more likely to visit a restaurant.

Speaking to customers was also a great idea because it gave the opinion of someone not affiliated with the restaurant.

The only thing that could have improved the post would be getting a variety of shots. The pictures of food were all taken straight on at a similar distance. Getting pictures extremely close up or from a different angle could have shown the food from a different perspective.

A difficulty that I faced while shooting pictures for my own photo story was making sure I captured different aspects of people’s outfits. I wanted to find something that made a person’s outfit unique or captured their personality, and I think this assignment gave me the opportunity to work on just that.


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