Studious Seawolves

At 1:38 a.m. on Feb. 27, freshman government major, Vanessa Cordova, and sophomore economics major, Filipe Espatia, prepared for major upcoming exams. The couple highlighted notes and helped each other study. Photo by Jimin Kim (Feb. 27, 2015).

For assignment two, my partner and I will photograph Stony Brook University students studying for midterms, which are taking place this week and next week. In doing this photo story, we’ll capture each student’s approach to studying and handling stress.

We will photograph students during the day and at night. The locations will include the Melville library, the Commuter Lounge in the library and in the Student Activities Center, the Starbucks on campus and the upstairs dining area of the Student Union.

In doing this photo story, my partner and I will collect backstories of each student, including how they feel about their upcoming exams, what their methods are for managing stress and the challenges of their major.

The Commuter Lounge of the Melville Library is a go-to location for many students who study late into the night. Photo by Jimin Kim (Feb. 27, 2015).

The photos will portray two different atmospheres during study week. The pictures captured during the day may depict a more chaotic scene where students are in a rush to study, eat, as well as make it to their next class. The photos taken in the evening might illustrate students who are fighting exhaustion to study and succeed on their midterms.

The photographs will also portray a diverse group of students who are of different races, ages and fields of study.

This photo taken in the afternoon, shows how the library hallway is a popular studying location for students. Photo by Jimin Kim (Feb. 24, 2015).

In taking this approach, the story may reveal if being a graduate student is more demanding than being an undergraduate or if a foreign exchange student has a more difficult time preparing for tests due to the language barrier.

Therefore, the photo story will provide an in-depth and gritty portrayal of the challenging life of college students.


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