Behind the students at Open Mic Nite

By Jon Winkler and Bridget Downes

In the midst of classes, jobs and the constant struggle of affording an education, some students just need an opportunity to express themselves.

Some may sing songs, play instruments, write poetry, tell jokes or just generally perform. Certain areas on Stony Brook University’s campus allow students that chance for expression. One of those places is Langmuir College, who will host its weekly Open Mic Nite next Thursday.

Taking a look at so many different students and comparing what they bring to the Open Mic Nite to what they do for classes at Stony Brook would be a great photo story. Think of it as a “Behind the Students” segment, where readers can learn about the vast talents of those working hard to earn their degree.

As a clear focus for the coverage of this event, we will do mini-profiles of some attending performers, or all, depending on the amount of people.

The lighting situation would be ideal, since a spotlight will most likely be pointed at each performer. We could get tight detail shots of the setting, such as a resting microphone or a performer’s guitar, and use shallow depth of field.

We will take portraits of the performers, but avoid mug shots in doing so. These will be posed shots, with interesting, layered backgrounds. Our aim will be good environmental portraits. These will be accompanied by the students in the act of performing. The photos should complement each other well and tell a good story of who each performer really is.

We will have establishing shots of the stage, as a potential opener for our photo story. We’ll be shooting by the mantra: wide, medium, tight, super tight, action, reaction, and capture the moment.


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