A look at Indian culture with SBU Taandava

Stony Brook University often hosts events that showcase different international cultures. Next Saturday, the Wang Center will host an event showcasing a visual spectacle meant to support those less fortunate. Taandava, Stony Brook’s Indian Classical dance team, will host the Jana Seva show and dance to raise money for the homeless and elderly citizens of India. The opportunity to see a portion of a different culture is something worthy of a news coverage, specifically a photo gallery.

Since this event is a viewing experience, it shouldn’t be reported by just using words describing what happened. If a reader wants to experience what really happened at the event, using photos that show happened at the event over time make the reader feel as if they are experiencing the event in real time. Showing photos of the event set-up, backstage, audience members and the dancing covers all elements of the event. Showing the photos of the dancers, their movement and their attire would highlight a different type of culture on display. The focus of the story would be on the dancing, so most of the photos would be of the dancers and the audience reaction to it. The story is about the showcase of a different culture, so the visual appeal would be photos of the different culture.


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