SBU Taandava brings Indian moves to the Wang Center

The SBU Taandava Club, conformed by members of all nationalities in the Stony Brook community, will present its second “Jana Seva” show. The event will be filled with Indian classical performances.

10978622_10206014993637988_1560130608133098026_nIn addition to spreading awareness about Indian culture, the “Jana Seva” show will also serve as a fundraiser. This year, the club will raise money to help the homeless and elderly of India.

Last semester’s “Jana Seva,” showcased members of Taandava performing a series of typical Indian  dances, while wearing handmade jewelry and colorful traditional outfits. This makes for a very visually appealing idea for the photo  project.

Taandava Club at the 2014 “Jana Seva” event.

Eastern culture is very important for the members of the club. There is also a large representation of this culture on campus, which makes this event very relevant. This, along the opportunity of bringing different cultures together and all the fantastic movements from the dancers, make up the recipe for a successful photo project.

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