Diversity and Fashion at SBU

One of the aspects of Stony Brook University that makes it different is the amount of diversity that we have right on the campus. The diversity influences many aspects of life, such as food, language and a visible difference in fashion.

With a total of 24,607 students enrolled at Stony Brook University for the Fall 2014 semester, according to the Stony Brook University Fast Facts page, students are bound to relate to a photo story about diversity on their own campus.

Because of the weather and extremely low temperatures, students may have to sacrifice their wardrobe for items that keep them warm. Approaching and taking pictures of students’ fashion around campus, much like Humans of New York, gives the opportunity to have a very interesting photo story.

Photo Credit: stonybrook.edu
Photo Credit: stonybrook.edu

Taking pictures that show diversity in fashion on campus would make for a much more interesting story that one that simply stated the facts. Putting images and faces to a topic like this one will most likely help it gain more popularity and views.

Diversity can be defined as, “the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.” or as, “the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization.”

In a photo story, this would mean that photos would go beyond taking pictures of students and members of the Stony Brook University community of different races, but could go into different religions, orientations, cultures and so much more.

This story would give an insight on how people dress in the winter and if it is at all affected by their culture or beliefs.

According to a report on collegefactual.com, Stony Brook University ranks 234 in the United States for ethnic diversity within their student population, which is above the national average.

These statistics would only make a photo story more doable and enjoyable to read. There would be true diversity throughout the photographs and the possibility to take pictures of not only people, but cultural groups and organizations on campus.


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