Photos, Photos Everywhere

Stony Brook University is a huge campus. There’s always something to do (even if it doesn’t feel like it) or someone interesting to meet (even if you feel like you don’t have time). That being said, here are a few photo story ideas that we might be able to tackle:

A view outside a window in Douglass College in Tabler Quad. The snow continues. Photo credit: Janelle Clausen.
A view outside a window in Douglass College in Tabler Quad. The snow continues. Photo credit: Janelle Clausen.

a) Snowy Brook – Pardon the pun, but we really have seen nothing but snow lately. Do we even remember what grass looks like? One story idea is to try and find 10 to 15 places to sled on campus, both known and unknown, safe and mostly safe. While many people are familiar with Tabler’s hills, surely there must other places.

b) Bike America – Imagine you are taking a bike tour across America to fight cancer. How cool would that be to photograph? You would be exposed to the full spectrum of human emotion- sadness, joy, confusion, anger- and see countless places few could only dream of in your trip from sea to shining sea for a good cause. Unfortunately, the impossibility of shooting such a thing is as infinite as the possibilities would’ve been. The next best thing we have is attending“Bike America” here at Stony Brook University, which tells that story.

The show is centered around college students on a “journey of self-discovery,” so it is relevant. But every actor is deeply invested (or so I’d like to imagine) in their character and this show. An interesting photo event would be profiling everyone involved in the reimagined “Bike America” or telling the tale of what goes on to make this play work. As I discovered trying to profile EastLine Productions on Long Island, it isn’t easy.

Logistically, it’s slightly less impossible. It would require permission from the director, actors, Staller Center, and probably Theatre Arts department. But we would theoretically have until March 8 to arrange for something like this. Artsy people (or people in general) often don’t mind promoting their craft either.

Tristen Terracciano
Tristen Terracciano, 18, dressed as Zero from “Borderlands 2,” aims his ‘rifle’ while at NerdFest 2.0. People like him would likely be present at PAX East. Photo credit: Janelle Clausen

c) PAX East – Sorry, I’m cheating. This isn’t on Stony Brook campus, nor is it for the faint of heart. It will be from March 6 to March 8 in Boston, Massachusetts. The best way to describe it as is a major step-up from NerdFest 2.0 here at SBU, attracting thousands of people (game enthusiasts, more specifically). Note this description:

“Before PAX existed, the only place in North America you could see an E3 style exhibition floor was… well, it was E3. Since that show was for industry insiders only, PAX has been the only place the public could see, hear and experience the insanity that is a game industry expo hall. With over a hundred thousand square feet of show floor and all genres, platforms and styles of games represented, this area makes for one of the highlights to the PAX experience.”

There’d certainly be action. There’d be seemingly infinite people to photograph. You could tell their story of why they came here or of the spirit of the event in general. But perhaps, it’s also worth noting the universal relevance too: video games are one of the fastest growing entertainment mediums, constantly beating Hollywood. It might just be a battle getting to Boston though, considering the hours-long drive, hotel accommodations and buying tickets off Ebay.

No matter what you pick though, you can glimpse into another world. After all, that’s what photojournalism’s all about, right?


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