Stony Brook Listicle: The Places You Didn’t Know

Attending Stony Brook for some, like myself, can be like the old “small fish, big pond” saying. Students may be stuck hanging out on campus because they do not know what is exactly around them, besides the typical bars in Port Jefferson.

Some students are coming from one extreme to another, whether it being previously living in a large city, a different state or country, to a quiet suburban neighborhood. For Stony Brook University this isn’t uncommon.

If one is not familiar with the area, they may be completely unaware of what Stony Brook has to offer, rather than it’s 1,364 acre campus.

Stony Brook University is located right outside of Stony Brook Village, which is nothing but a skip away. Though, as close as it is it seems there are hidden ventures that some may not know about.

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From personal experience I had not a single clue of where I was living. All I knew was that I lived at Stony Brook University and if I ever wanted to get home the LIRR was right down the road.

This is why I think this would be a good idea for this assignment, to go and photograph Stony Brook Village and the East Setauket area and show those who are unaware what this neighborhood has to offer, other than the local bar, The Bench.

The village is full of small eateries, shops and an 8 acre park. So I figured why not a listicle of about 15-20 places located in the backyard of Stony Brook University. Within each I can include facts about each location, if it is cheap and affordable for students, the history behind it and so on.

The listicle will range from shopping locations, places to eat and historical land marks, but mainly what is affordable. For example, a hole in the wall restaurant that is a bang for your buck, or how you can just walk around and enjoy the historical scenery for free.

This list would be relatable to college students because, as mentioned before, those who are not from Long Island do not know the area well. Also, it will give students affordable ideas to change things up for casual hangouts or even dates. Also, we will try and find a fun and interesting fact about every place we visit to make this more unique.

Due to the cold weather it probably wouldn’t be the most ideal but we are breaching Spring and this could be a nice venture to look forward to.

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