Photographing Winter fashion on campus

It has been unbearably cold recently here in New York and because of this, people are wearing layers upon layers of clothing to keep just a little bit warm.

There are some celebrities who went to New York Fashion Week last week, who decided that looking good was more important than staying warm.

Because it is so cold and the need for warmth is incredibly high, it may be harder for people to dress the way they normally would.

As a student at Stony Brook University, one must walk around the large campus, braving the cold and high wind chills in order to get from building to building.  Although it has been warmer than last week, the weather is frigid.

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 6.31.07 PM

For the photo story homework assignment, my idea was to photograph students, faculty and staff on campus, in their winter wear.  I have noticed some people wear proper winter clothes while others, like some of the celebrities at Fashion Week, do not.

I think fashion is very interesting, because a person can truly express themselves through what they wear.  I love dressing nice but because it has been so cold, I have not been dressing as nice as I typically would, thinking comfort and warmth is more important.  Maybe the people who wear light clothes are immune to the cold, or maybe they just do not find Winter fashion as exciting as Spring or Summer.   Or perhaps it is all just in our heads.  Maybe their secret is to trick your mind into thinking you are warm.  That is what I plan on finding out with this assignment.

Either way, I think that photographing Winter wear on campus will be interesting.  I am also incredibly curious as to why people dress the way they do.  I am looking forward to meeting a diverse group of people, with diverse fashion sense.


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