Looking at the close of Black History Month at Stony Brook

For the past month, Stony Brook University has been celebrating Black History Month by showcasing various events honoring black culture. This Wednesday, SBU will close out Black History Month in the SAC Ballroom A from 8 to 11 p.m. The ceremony will include food service, awards to prominent students and performances. Also in attendance will be Dr. Allison McLarty, MD, FACS, an Associate Professor of Surgery at Stony Brook Medicine, who will be speaking amongst the crowd of students.

To me, taking photos of the crowd in attendance and learning about what Black History Month means to these students is worthy of news coverage. Using photos of the ceremony will show students who are unfamiliar with Black History Month the effect it has on the diverse student body and the different ways they honor it. Black History Month is nationally recognized time of the year, so showing how a specific community (Stony Brook students) treats it would create a visual window into this vital time period.

Photos would include that of the events as a whole, students in attendance with captions quoting the students on how they celebrated Black History Month, the various clubs and authority figures in attendance, shots of the performances and of Dr. McLarty’s speech. Since this is the close of Black History Month, I think Stony Brook’s efforts to celebrate it should be highlighted.


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