Max Avdeev photography shows devastation in Ukraine

Everybody knows BuzzFeed as the site with the funny lists and cat photos. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I heard that they wanted to cover some more hard news stories. However, in my search to find a good photo story for homework I came across a really great article on BuzzFeed by Max Seddon and photographer Max Avdeev.

It is titled “Horrific Images Capture The Sheer Brutality Of War In Ukraine.” Avdeev is a photographer embed with the rebel fighters, known as the First Slavyansk Brigade, in Logvinove, Ukraine. He was able to capture some powerful images.

Screenshot Krysten Massa. Photo credit: Max Avdeev
Screenshot Krysten Massa. Photo credit: Max Avdeev


This is a relevant story because a lot of everyday news consumers have been following the development of the war in Ukraine right now. For us in the United States it is hard to imagine what is actually happening. It’s one thing to read a descriptive story, but images, like the one featured above, can tell a story like words cannot.

Screenshot by Krysten Massa. Photo credit: Max Avdeev
Screenshot by Krysten Massa. Photo credit: Max Avdeev

I think what worked with this is that aside from photos of army tanks and and explosions, Avdeev photographed the soldiers. In this photo you can see that the soldier in front doesn’t have an old-looking face, he can be relatively young. Seeing an image like this could hit home for some people. In this shot you also get to see the weather conditions in the background that the soldiers need to face.

I actually found this article while looking through the Twitter of a photo journalist named Souvid Datta. 

I think that it is cool that this story reached Datta who is London-based. He tweeted that the photos were “incredibly powerful” and it shows that he is appreciating the work of a fellow photographer. Also, by him posting the article on Twitter it is now being shared to all of his own followers.

Screenshot by Krysten Massa. Photo Credit: Max Avdeev
Screenshot by Krysten Massa. Photo Credit: Max Avdeev

The photos do not have captions describing what is happening, instead there is a few paragraphs written about the story of where these photos are from and then they are displayed like a gallery.

I do not think that strong photos like this need captions. In this photo you can see the soldier walking with his head down and dead bodies on the ground surrounding him. The only critique I have is that I think by including captions it would add to the story. If he had gotten a quote from the man walking and named who he was it may have made this a little stronger.

This article was a really great demonstration of how photos can be used to tell a story and also a good story for BuzzFeed to have done.

Tumblr isn’t a form of social media that we have talked about, but I noticed that this story was also being shared there. I think it says something for how powerful photos can be if this story is being shared through all different types of media.



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