Photojournlaism in Times

The Times has been known for their use of photo journalism.

Recently they had an article about the top 10 moments of photo journalism.

Each photo helps benefit a story in its own way, whether it bluntly telling the story or sequential photos to describe the outline of a story.

The Times was claimed to remained as strong as ever with their photojournlaism.

The magazine assigned photographers to stories all across the U.S. and in Afghanistan, Brazil, Burma, Central African Republic, Finland, Gaza, Hong Kong, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, the Phillipines, Syria and Ukraine, as well as many other countries.

From violent stories such as, the civil war in Central African Republic to the geopolitical conflict in Ukraine. Even to the devastation in Gaza and the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

To lighter stories such as documenting the U.S elections or to take photos on the set of the hit TV show ‘Mad Men’.


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