A Picture Says 1,000 Words: Photojournalism at its Finest

Buzzfeed has become the hub for photo stories recently. The website draws readers in by advertising fun-to-read lists and quizzes, but also offers genuine news stories.

In a recent story about the war in Ukraine, Buzzfeed reporter Max Seddon and photographer Max Avdeev documented the extreme battles abroad with a combination of a short story and dozens of high-quality pictures.

Though the actual written part of this story is brief, the photos are what draws in and absorbs the reader into the scheme of things. Ukraine may be across the world, but these photos of dead bodies, exhausted soldiers and blood-stained land really put things in perspective for an American reader.

The photos truly tell the story of the current battles in Ukraine better than any words can. The fact that the photos are extremely high-quality and vibrant make them stand out. They make the reader feel as though they are seeing the scene in real time.

Social media connections is also something Buzzfeed does extremely right. On every story they provide share buttons that allow readers to post a link to the story on their own social media. Also, other correspondents from Buzzfeed and elsewhere share the story on their Twitters which helps gain traction.

Buzzfeed also give Facebook users the ability to comment via their Facebook profiles below every article. Seeing friends and others engage in stories draws in more readers and more people who are likely to interact and give their feedback.

Photographer Avdeev also posts some of his other photos on Instagram so his followers can get a larger perspective on his work.

It wasn’t easy to make a landscape without a dead body. #Logvinovo #Debaltsevo #Ukraine

A photo posted by Max Avdeev (@maxavdeev) on Feb 15, 2015 at 10:39am PST

Photojournalism is an essential branch of journalism that is even more important the more news is consumed through the Internet. Photos bring the story to life and are sometimes are more powerful than words, especially in this case where the reporter is reporting from another part of the globe.


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