The New York Times tackles Fashion Week in the form of mobile journalism

The personal Twitter account of Vanessa Friedman, NYT fashion director/critic, and the NYT Fashion Twitter account are being bombarded with the hashtag #NYFW. 

Fashion shows are perfect for mobile journalism because there is a lot going on and these shows are not something that everybody has access to. The average college student, sitting in Starbucks wearing sweatpants and procrastinating their school work, relies on this type of coverage to feel like they are in the loop. People want to know what celebrities are in attendance at the shows, who is wearing what and what each show had to offer.

Friedman is using her personal Twitter account, which is being re-tweeted by the NYT Fashion account, to post pictures and videos during the shows.


Friedman isn’t the only NYT reporter out there though. Angela Koh, from T Magazine, (among others) is also at the shows live tweeting.

Both Friedman and Koh are utilizing Vine to take videos to post to Twitter. The quick-flashing 6 second Vine videos are useful because they match the fast-paced way that people will be scrolling through their twitter feeds.

The NYT is also utilizing Instagram as a way to share photos and promote itself.

One of the perks of live tweeting or posting photos/videos immediately to social media is that the people who are not there get to feel like they are. It’s also good to use different media to show different sides of the story.

For example, Twitter serves well to continuously tweet about what is happening during the fashion shows, while Instagram is a better outlet to find that one good picture, the one that tells a story, to post and share.

#modelsoffduty after the #Rodarte show at #NYFW. Photo by @altamiranyc

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The use of social media and mobile journalism is key for events like Fashion Week because it is a large topic of conversation. Fashion lovers everywhere are eager to find out what the next trend is going to be, or what color all of the designers are incorporating. If the NYT has multiple reporters sending out tweets every hour, then people will check back in with them throughout the day.

If the NYT does a good job with its coverage then it will find more eyes will be on its account that can be directed to its website.

The link in this tweet brings viewers to a page on the NYT website titled Inside Fashion Week. On this page there are more photos and stories for people to read.

An important perk to remember about mobile journalism is that by getting information out there as it is happening a journalist is proving to be a reliable source of information. The more tweets sent out about little interesting stories or photos that people want to see, the more of a following that journalist or company will gather.


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