Staying Hip on Fashion Week

Fashion Week is underway in New York City, currently in its sixth of its eight-day run. As per the fashionista tendency to remain hip and current, The New York Times has been keeping up with the event since its first showcase of “VFILES MADE FASHION” on 11 Feb.

While not utilizing Twitter for its reporting, photographic journalists are making a collaborative effort to put up pictures of various events and clothing being featured, accompanied with short and sweet reviews of the pieces being featured and even blurbs and Tweets from attending fashionistas.

fashion 1

fashion 2

From head wear to hairy, these journalists are quick to offer up their thoughts on the newest lines with quick yet deft critiques.

They even offer up some behind-the-scenes peeks into performances before they begin, as seen in this post of Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner in the Kanye West Show.

fashion 3

One photographer even snapped a shot of the audience for the aforementioned show, capturing music star Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z in attendance.

fashion 4

After-hour events even get the spotlight, such as this after party for the VFILES fashion screening taking place on  on 12 Feb.

fashion 5

With Fashion Week still ongoing until 19 Feb, The New York Times is sure to be on top of every new outfit both with pictures and posting.


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