News 12 Long Island Using Mobile Journalism Since Years Ago

News 12 Long Island is savvy when it comes to mobile journalism, but it is not a new concept for them. The Cablevision-owned news channel used various forms of social media since as far back as 2012 and continues to do so.

Focusing on the past, New 12’s journalists harnessed the power of using their mobile devices on the scene of breaking news and teasers. Many of the videos from News 12, most of which were posted in 2012, were posted on the organization’s Facebook page and demonstrate the example.

Looking at a few examples such as a teaser for Doug Geed’s piece on Shinnecock tribal members’ dissatisfaction to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, one can see he does not have a lavaliere or a stick-microphone. The quality of the video is not equivalent to the quality of a traditional B-roll clip from a television camera. Even the shakiness makes it known that the device had to have been some kind of handheld device.

Speaking on quality, this teaser for Ty Chandler’s piece on the Wantagh School District’s battle with Donald Trump shows a poorer video quality as well as sound. The attributes of the video’s quality is present and not something to be seen on television, potentially a clear sign of a mobile device being used. None the less, the point was to get information across of what that story would be.

Aside from teasers, News 12’s journalists have also submitted events as they are happening. A clip from Colleen McVey shows a boat fire in Babylon. Here, no actual reporting is done, not even a word is said. It is not needed as the caption of the video clearly stated that she sent this video clip using, and recorded, using her iPhone.

It is not only News 12’s reporters with the videos, their viewers have also sent in clips using mobile devices. Such as this recorded video by Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant showing a fire at a pier. Credit was given to the mayor as no reporter was on the scene from what could be told from the video.

There are plenty more examples of mobile journalism, but it can be said it is not a new concept. News 12 banked on the idea of posting these mobile-shot videos on their Facebook page to get the attention and viewership for their news segments.





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