Crawling to the finish

Mobile reporting has changed immediacy when it comes to news. Instead of having to wait for the mornings paper or, that nights television broadcast, people from around the world can see events immediately, or even during the events.

On Feb 16 Sydney Lupkin published a story on ABC’s News website titled “Why Doctors Say Crawling Across the Finish Line Isn’t a Great Idea” about runner Hyvon Ngetich and, how she crawled her way to the finish line during Austin’s marathon over the weekend after collapsing.

Ngetich refused to use the wheelchair race officials were providing and traveled the last stretch of the race on her hands and knees, still managing to come in third place for the marathon.

Mobile reporting allowed ABC, other news outlets and even spectators to get this story, along with photos and videos onto sites like Twitter almost immediately as it happened, showing the world this amazing story of Ngetich giving her all and refusing to give up no matter what.

Sites like Twitter now have allowed the story to expand and grow from a local Austin story to an international one, which has no bounds. It has been tweeted and re-blogged countless times, and this story is now appearing on countless news websites globally.

 The photos being posted immediately, and then soon after allows readers to get a quick image as to what it was like to be there and witness the event for yourself. That’s something that’s hard to convey through just words in a newspaper, as it allows for more space even though twitter has a limited character count.

Hashtags on twitter allow reporters, and others, to categorize their tweets so that they easily can be searched or grouped together. Just searching marathon on twitter will pull photos about Ngetich crawling her way to the finish. The hashtag for this is #Ngetich

Overall, using Mobile journalism allows reporters, and even everyday people, to get stories out onto the Internet for everyone to see, read and possibly even share. It can be about anything. In this case reporters covering an Austin marathon suddenly changed to a story about a courageous women, refusing to give up, and its all thanks to Mobile reporting.


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