NYT Tackles Live Tweeting During Fashion Week

Alexander Wang at NYFW for Fall 2015.  Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images

Mobile journalism has become increasingly popular in recent years, since social media is growing and changing constantly. More publications have taken to using their phones rather than DSLRs to take photos of events, so the images can be uploaded immediately to Twitter or other social networking sites.

New York Fashion Week for Fall 2015 started Feb. 12, 2015, and The New York Times’ Twitter page for fashion news, @NYTFashion, has been tweeting live updates from the fashion shows.

The New York Time fashion Twitter account has been updating fans with photos and inside scoops of the different shows throughout the week.

It is easy to tell that a phone was used rather than a DSLR, because the qualities in the photos are not that great, but after each show, @NYTFashion will tweet a link to their webpage featuring all the looks from each show, with better quality photos.

NYT Fashion will also retweet their journalists who are also live tweeting the shows. Alexandra Jacobs, a features writer and fashion critic for The New York Times and Stuart Emmrich, the Styles section editor for The New York Times, are just two of the journalists that are live tweeting and being retweeted by the NYT Fashion account.

Mobile journalism is a great way to inform your followers of what is going on in the world, whether it be an event, like Fashion Week, or a car crash that has caused lane closures.  For years now, I have been live tweeting events, such as award shows, or more recently, last night’s Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary special.  It is a great way to inform followers and remain current in the media world.


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