Mobile Journalism Tackles Live Tweeting

Mobile journalism is something that I have been trying to work on by myself recently. Taking a huge event like the Grammy red carpet on Feb. 8 gave me the change to update my followers as celebrities arrived on the carpet.

Twitter gives users the option to link to other posts or websites for other sources and stories.

Although numerous news outlets took the opportunity to live tweet, I think giving my perspective was still important. For people who were unable to see the red carpet or wanted a live update. It also provided for interaction between myself and my followers.

Another great aspect of live tweeting using mobile journalism is the hashtag. Using #GRAMMYs, I was able to see what other people were talking about and tweet a new angle of the same things in hopes of getting traffic on my Twitter.

According to; by picking the right words, engaging with other users and providing good content have an impact the amount of traffic that comes to your website.

I also took the chance to live update from the Stony Brook Independent‘s website with pictures of fashion throughout the night.

I updated the Stony Brook Independent's website throughout the night with fashion. Photo Credit to:
I updated the Stony Brook Independent’s website throughout the night with pictures of celebrity fashion.
Photo Credit to:

I think that besides providing live updates directly from an event, mobile journalism is a great tool for journalists to use even from the comfort of their own homes. If the journalist is providing timely and accurate information, I see this as a way for more people to be informed in an extremely accessible way.


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