While learning about mobile journalism, one of the many examples of this new form of reporting is coverage of sporting events. The constant change of pace and events allow for constant updates in real time and media visuals to keep the consumer informed. That’s why this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game 2015 was a perfect subject for mobile journalism coverage. Thankfully, the online sports news site Bleacher Report provided a play-by-play of the entire game using updates via social media and NBA.com

Bleacher Report used the social media accounts of different reporters to cover as much of the game as possible. Not only do they use their own reporters, like Ethan J. Skolnick, but they also post game updates from reporters like Royce Young of ESPN.com, Adi Joseph of USA Today and Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe. They also use reporters of local publications like Darnell Mayberry of The OklahomanUsing multiple journalists for updates on the game allows for a wider range of coverage and opportunity for the game to be covered in different angles. One reporter could be sitting court-side talking about Russell Westbrook being guarded by LeBron James, while another reporter with higher seats can talk about the Eastern Conference team’s defense.

Not only were Twitter updates useful, but Bleacher Report also incorporated photos and videos from Instagram, Vine and the TNT broadcast of the game. Providing visual media from the game allows followers to see vital parts of the game again or if they haven’t seen it. It acts as a mobile instant replay for social media users.

#Melo introduction at #MSG. #NBAAllStar #NYC15 #Knicks #CarmeloAnthony

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The reason sports are great events for mobile journalism is because the event itself is mobile. It’s always moving forward, never staying the same for longer than a minute or two. It requires the use of Twitter and Instagram’s constant updates. The NBA All-Star Game is one of the biggest sporting events of the year


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