Stony Brook Geeks Out at Nerdfest 2.0

Nearly 200 of Stony Brook’s self-proclaimed geeks gathered in the Student Activities Center Ballroom yesterday to take part in Nerdfest 2.0, a nerd-culture event run by a group of student organizations to celebrate their hobbies and meet like-minded students.

According to Alice Quiros, President of the Gamer’s Guild, Stony Brook’s video gaming club, the goal of the event was “to bring all of the nerdy clubs on campus together.”

While Quiros was the primary organizer for the event, representatives from the Science Fiction Forum, Dumbledore’s Army, Animated Perspectives and Humans vs. Zombies all manned tables to showcase their clubs.

“We’re hosting a table at nerdfest because we’re huge nerds,” said Emily Lang, president of Stony Brook’s chapter of Dumbledore’s Army, or Harry Potter super-fans.

Dumbledore’s Army hosted a wand-making craft station, where Harry Potter lovers could design their own spell-casting accoutrements.

Tristan Terracciano, 18, a computer science major, said that he attended Nerdfest, “because I like cosplay,” and he was one of the only attendees in full costume. He dressed as Zero, a character from the popular game series Borderlands.

The event was punctuated with showcase pieces, like a performance from Stony Brook’s High C’s, the male a capella group.

Members of Stony Brook’s Humans vs. Zombies wandered the ballroom equipped with foam-slinging Nerf blasters, trying to recruit people for their upcoming game, which involves large groups of students in two teams, Humans and Zombies, competing across campus to either survive, or overrun the opposition.

“With the current culture, we share a lot of interests with people,” said Asher Kaufman, 21, a computer science major and the club’s president. “Zombies are in movies, video games all the time now and this seems like a good place where a lot of people share our interests .”

Situated at either end of the room were groups people playing the popular competitive fighting game, Super Smash Brothers.

As Daine Taylor, senior journalism major said, “I came for food, fun and Smash.”

Quiros said that last year’s event was very successful and that she hopes that Nerdfest can continue even after she graduates.


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