SB NerdFest 2.0 Celebrates Geek Culture


For a few hours in SAC Ballroom A, “nerd” truly was the word, as more than 100 people attended an event featuring campus clubs for entertainment media for gaming, anime and just about any sci-fi subject you can think of.

Aptly dubbed Nerdfest2.0, the second annual event represented a collaborative effort on the part of many clubs.

Among many clubs, the Gamer’s Guild, Animated Perspectives and even Dumbledore’s Army all played a part in making the event as full and entertaining as possible. Student members of each club were responsible for setting up their own sections and making sure things were working.

That being said, setup was quite the chore in itself.

Though the event was scheduled for 5 p.m, show-runners were still setting up their stations well into the hour. Alice Quiros is a computer engineering major and, as president of the Gamer’s Guild, had huge responsibilities in handling all of the clubs.

“I’ve been running around all over the place getting everything all set up,” she said when asked about her duties.

Daniel Blibaum, a biomedical engineering major and member of the Gamer’s Guild, was busy setting up games to be played.

“I’m assuming [“Super Smash Bros.”] is gonna be played here,” said Blibaum.

Refreshments were a necessity, and NerdFest made sure that everyone could partake in a sweet treat.

Soon enough, the event was all ready. Patrons spared no time in filling up the ballroom to have some fun, easily topping off over a hundred attendees.

Some out-of-towners even made some treks to see the event, like this Farmingdale State College student.

Everyone began partaking in the activities placed around the fest. Wand-making took place at a stand run by Dumbledore’s Army, an on-campus club.

The Gunpla Build Club showed off the basics in model kit construction.

Animated Perspectives, which primarily showcases anime, even had “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U” set up to be played.

Some people were even dressed in costumes. Marion Johnson, a member of Dumbledore’s Army, wore a special TARDIS dress to show off her love for the BBC sci-fi classic, Doctor Who.

To top it all off, the nerds got a special guest performance from the High C’s, Stony Brook’s all-male a capella group, starting off with “Trashin’ the Camp” from the Disney film “Tarzan”perhaps a nod to any in the audience enthusiastic about Disney animated classics.

From a slow start came a joyously geeky event that all in attendance greatly enjoyed. For only its second run, NerdFest2.0 was a rousing success.


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