Speed Dating with Seawolves

On Wednesday night, the South Asian Student Organization held its annual speed dating event — a night filled with good food, good games, and good people.

Each year, the SASA speed dating event brings a good turn out of students eager to meet new people. And even though speed dating’s purpose is to spark relationships, in actual practice, SASA’s speed dating event is a great way to meet new people and make some friends, even if it doesn’t lead to a relationship.

Jasjot Kaur, 22, a Senior Psychology major, is the President of SASA and says that she loves the speed dating event every year it comes around. “It’s a great way to meet other students,” Kaur commented. “[Stony Brook] is a very large and diverse school and it’s hard to meet people. This is a great way for students to meet each other.”

This year, SASA collaborated with the Caribbean Student Organization, and Fraternities Sigma Beta Rowe and Iota Nu Delta to bring even more life to the event. The club holds numerous speed dating events each semester and has been doing so since the start of the club years ago.

The event, which started at 7 p.m. in Ballroom B of the Student Activities Center, got off to a slow start. But by around 7:30 p.m., the ballroom was filled with men and women eager to meet new people.

I’m going in with no expectations really. I just want to see what happens.

– Mercury Caronia, Senior Linguistics Major

Many students were from either Sigma Beta Rowe, Iota Nu Delta or the SASA organization, but a handful of other students came out to the event as well, even if it was just to have fun and meet some new people.

“I think speed dating is not efficient in creating relationships, but it can spark friendships,” said Brent Samaha, 20, a sophomore Biology major. “It’s still a very friendly environment.”

The event comprised of multiple tables set up in a large square around the room, boys sitting on one side and girls on the other. There was music, (naturally one of Taylor Swifts many love songs), tiny, reflective pink and red hearts scattered on the speed dating tables, and a large dessert area filled with an array of cupcakes, cookies and stereotypical Sweethearts candy hearts.

Each student was given two minutes to converse with their perspective person. At the end of the two minutes, time was called and all the boys moves one seat to their right and the process started all over again. Two minutes to get to know somebody is a very small window, but the event was still a success even if it wasn’t in the traditional speed dating sense of finding the love of your life.

“I don’t think I can be like ‘I’m attracted to you’ in two minutes, but you can say ‘I think you’re a good person and lets’s be friends.’ And that’s pretty nice.”

– Brent Samaha, Sophomore Biology major


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