Getting Students Involved Stony Brook Style

Multiple organizations across campus set up tables yesterday in The Student Activities Center preparing for Stony Brook University’s second involvement fair of the spring semester.

Wolfie chilling out with some students at the involvement fair.
Wolfie chilling out with some students at the involvement fair

Students, and even Stony Brook’s mascot Wolfie showed up for the fair, filling the SAC with cheers of excitement, color and even decorative posters. The main goal of the festivities was to get students involved in a multitude of activities across the Stony Brook campus.

Because multiple organizations were planning on setting up at the fair, SBU anticipated that students might get lost or confused with all that was going on. To combat this, Getting Your Foot in the Door was there to help guide students through the fair. Elizma Lucas, a student consultant with GYFD, stated the importance of having guides for students at the involvement fair, “We know the fair can be vast and almost overwhelming if you are approaching initially, so we are giving tours for students.”

One of the organizations that set up at the fair was the Student Health Advisory Committee. Yiwan Wu, 22, a Health Science Major and undergraduate co chair of SHAC, stated that SHAC’s main goal at the fair was to, “promote a healthier campus for students.”

The Craft Center was also in attendance, in hopes to promote their weekly craft nights. Andri Achilleos, 21, and Ashlie Charles, 18 stated that the Craft Center is great because, “It’s free, it’s fun, you get to do stuff and you can take it home.”

It wasn’t all just information. The Cadence Step Team broke out into well-choreographed stomping and clapping that left students cheering for more.

Students flooded the SAC between 1 and 2:30 p.m. with hopes that they can get involved in their time here at SBU.

SAC ballroom flooded with students during the involvement fair
SAC ballroom flooded with students during the involvement fair

If you weren’t able to attend yesterday’s involvement fair don’t fret. There will be others on Feb. 18 and Feb. 25.

The Feb. 18 fair will focus on groups that revolve around recreational, leisure and media groups, while the Feb. 25 fair will revolve around cultural, spiritual and community service groups. If you want to learn more about the upcoming involvement fairs you can learn more here.


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