Stony Brook vs UMBC

Whoosh! Tonight at the women’s basketball game, Stony Brook beat UMBC 74-41. Jessica Ogunnorin, #3, scored point after point for her team, but not without facing a minor injury which took her off the court for a little bit.

Upon entering the Island Federal Credit Union, fans were offered free samples of Jamba Juice as well as free drawstring bags from Energy Fitness.

Free samples were given to the first 250 fans.

Stony Brook women’s basketball hosted “Play4Kay,” which raises money for breast cancer research. Coaches on the sidelines wore pink shirts and the dancers of the Stony Brook Dance Team donned pink pom-poms to support breast cancer awareness.

The dance team performed for the audience, showing off their skills after placing 5th at the Universal Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships on Jan. 17 and 18.

The score started off at 3-3 with 17:41 left in the first half, but not long after that did Stony Brook come out on top, leading with 48-24 in the second half.

“I’m very happy they’re back to they’re winning ways–it’s a total team effort,” Guerdiny Prosper, a senior multidisciplinary studies major, said.

It was a tough event to cover, since I went into the live coverage without any prior sports writing experience. I am also not too familiar with the technicalities of basketball, but dealt with this by keeping an eye on the scoreboard and following the ball, which meant following the action.

Taking part in a live coverage of a basketball game is ideal because of the immediacy of the information being published. By tweeting the score throughout the game, news consumers are able to follow along with the action as it occurs.


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