Finding Love For Valentine’s Day

The South Asian Student Alliance hosted a speed dating event on Feb. 11, where some students came to look for potential romance while others came for the amenities.

Lots of hopeful students attended and characters such as Zero from “Borderlands 2”  made an appearance.

The event started 15 minutes late and no reason was given for the delay. Regardless, students were not bewildered or concerned as they continued to converse among themselves.

The rules were simple; each student got two minutes to talk to the person they sat across from, guys on one side and girls on the other. After the allotted time expired, students moved to the next chair on their left or right, depending on the direction the student faced, in a counter-clockwise rotation.

#SpeedDating rules announced. Two minutes to please that lucky lady… or guy. #jrn320

A post shared by Julio Avila (@juliogavilanews) on

Some students, however, used the event for other personal and non-platonic purposes.

Jasmit Walia, a biochemistry major, said she attended the event “to make friends and meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have met.” Danial Ahmed, a biology major, said he simply came to “have a good time,” and brought his roommate along.

Valentine’s decorations and music set the ambiance to match the event such as heart-shaped confetti littered around the tables. There was also a table set out with snacks and food. Goodie bags and cookies were handed out.

Break out the cookies! #jrn320 #SpeedDating

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Mira Gior, a double-major in biology and psychology said she “only came for the chocolates.” Gior had a goodie-bag filled with chocolates and a lone mini Reese’s peanut butter cup juxtaposed with the bag.

While impossible to have interviewed everyone who attended, at least one new relationship had to have been created. Lauren Kruger, a pre-nursing major, was hopeful to accomplish that mission.

“I wanted to meet new people,” Kruger said. “It’s winter so people don’t get out much.” She added that she wanted to “make relationships happen.”

The event turned out to be “decent,” Shilpa Malik, one of the SASA’s organizers, said. “We wanted everybody to be able to mingle and enjoy the new semester and make new friends.”


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