Pop Up Challenge

Courtesy of you.stonybrook.edu.

The Stony Brook Campus Recreation Center is hosting a series of games called the Pop Up Challenge. The games consist of some kind of physical activity that will randomly “pop up” somewhere in the Campus Rec Center on the scheduled dates.

Each game lasts for 30 minutes and has a specific theme. There will be one female winner and one male winner for each, who get to leave the Campus Rec Center with a bright green t-shirt adorned with the words “Challenge Accepted.”

On the day of each game, the challenge will be posted in the lobby of the Campus Rec Center. Keep an eye out and be prepared! They will be taking place on the following dates: Feb. 11, Feb. 25, March 11, March 25, April 8, April 22 and May 6.

Photo by Bridget Downes.

A flyer can be seen hanging in the Student Activities Center.

Mobile reporting would be ideal for this kind of event because of the time advantage: it allows for immediacy. Photos can be uploaded on the spot and frequently, keeping up with the action of the games.


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