Nerd is The Word

For our first official class assignment, I intend to attend the second annual NerdFest hosted by various entertainment media clubs around campus; the event is aptly renamed NerdFest2.0.


The show runners encourage people to forgo any Valentine’s Day traditions (though one could easily do both this year around) and visit the event to play games and and enjoy various activities. As an ITS 102 3D Modeling for Games requirement, ITS students will feature play-testing for student-created games.

As a video game enthusiast and fan of most things considered “nerdy”, I am excited to attend this event and have random encounters with students of my shared interests. Playing new games will certainly be interesting, and I’d like to see how my skills stack up against other people playing more popular games.

Reporting will be quite the learning experience, as I’ll get to interact with people well-versed in various media and have them introduce their own passions to the world. Perhaps I could even take a peek into how games are made and the kind of work people do in order to make something playable.

It’ll be a night of fun and work for me, and it’s something I look forward to.


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